KIMGUARD* SMART-FOLD* Sterilization Wrap


KIMGUARD* SMART-FOLD* Sterilization Wrap

Stronger. By Design.

in Numbers

  • 64% stronger
  • 3 times more tear-resistant
  • 2 times faster wrapping
  • 7 times easier to inspect
KIMGUARD* SMART-FOLD* Sterilization Wrap

Stronger. 64% more durable.

New Kimguard* Smart-Fold* Wrap has been designed with your toughest tasks in mind. Its impact-resistant fabric and triple-layer reinforcement zones are engineered to protect your heaviest trays and loaner sets from tears and cuts in handling.


Faster: 59% faster wrapping2

Independent studies comparing Kimguard* Smart-Fold* wrap to Kimguard One-Step* simultaneous wrap show significantly faster wrapping time. Designed-in reference lines and positioning strips make wrapping a breeze. And the savings are even greater—70% faster—compared with sequential wrapping methods. In the OR our convenient pull-tabs and patented design3 make aseptic presentation quicker than ever.


Consistent high-quality barrier and Neat package - every time.


Easier: 86% faster inspections2

The sturdy fabric and extra reinforcement make damage to Kimguard* Smart-fold* wrap less likely, but, if a breach has occurred, the contrasting white inner fabric layer makes it easy to check for any tears or cuts. That’s why over 96% of users in a clinical evaluation1 rated new KimGuard* Smart-Fold* Wrap “Easy” to “Very Easy” to use. Plus, it’s so easy and intuitive; it cuts training time by 43%--or more!




in-service poster

for CS and OR users.


Smarter: 22% less bulk2

The unique3 shape of Kimguard* Smart-Fold* wrap reduces excess material, and that means less waste. Smart for your hospital, smart for the planet.


Serious protection. By design.

Like all Kimguard* products, Smart-Fold* Sterilization Wrap meets the most rigorous industry standards for safety and performance, including resistance to fire, lint, abrasion, and microbial contamination.

● Smart-Fold* wrap features patented PowerGuard* technology, for the highest level of bacterial filtration effectiveness—99.9%.

● Meets the ISO 11607 microbial barrier challenge1, to protect instruments during storage, transport and handling.

Compatible. By design.

Kimguard* Smart-Fold* is compatible with most common sterilization methods and sterilization equipment:



SMART-FOLD* Points of Interest Video

SMART-FOLD* Points of Interest Video

SMART-FOLD* Wrapping Steps Video

SMART-FOLD* Wrapping Steps Video

SMART-FOLD* Steps to Unwrap Video

SMART-FOLD* Steps to Unwrap Video

1 Data on file at Kimberly-Clark.

2 Study comparing Kimguard* Smart-fold* Wrap to Kimguard One-Step* Sterilization Wrap, Kurt Salmon and Associates, 2011.

3 Kimberly-Clark product specifications. US Patent No. US8261963

There are inherent risks in the use of all prescription medical devices. Please see the full Directions for Use containing Indications, Cautions, Warnings and other relevant information.

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