KIMVENT* 24-hour Oral Care Solutions, Q2/Q4 Kits and Components



A Portfolio of Oral Care Solutions to Meet Every Protocol and Now with CHG!

Now featuring CHG, KIMVENT* 24-Hour Oral Care Kits and Components address the risks of VAP by offering a complete portfolio of flexible, easy to use q4 and q2 kits to support either protocol. In fact, nearly 9 out of 10 medical personnel who tried the KIMBERLY-CLARK* KIMVENT* 24-Hour Oral Care Kit overwhelming agree that the kit is easier to use, encourages oral care frequency and makes compliance easier to achieve. ++

With our KIMVENT* Partners in Prevention Oral Care Compliance Program, we work closely with clinicians, providing evidence-based VAP Prevention "Best Practices", easy-to-use assessment and tracking tools, resources, education and training support-all designed to help clinicians deliver consistent and comprehensive oral care.

Each kit promotes oral care compliance by featuring:

  • Color-coded packaging, allowing caregivers to easily identify specific component packs and to track oral care compliance
  • Rectangular kit design with wall hanger, making it more conveniently accessible in the patient's room to make compliance easier
  • Individual packs that allow caregivers to choose the right tool at the right time, based on patient need and hospital protocol
  • Color-coded "Order of Use" guide, printed directly on the kit, takes the guess work out of oral care by providing easy identification of component packs and promoting proper continuity of care according to protocol. Available in q2 and q4 Kits
  • CHG is Now Available! For oral care protocols that use CHG Oral Rinse, 0.12%++ twice daily.

KIMVENT* 24-Hour Oral Care Solutions…
Proven to Enhance Oral Care Compliance

++There are inherent risks in the use of all prescription medical devices. Please see the full Directions for Use containing Indications, Cautions, Warnings and other relevant information.