Kimberly-Clark* MIC* PEG Feeding Tubes


Kimberly-Clark* MIC* PEG Feeding Tubes

Help Prevent Your Patients from Pulling Out Their Feeding Tubes

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Kimberly-Clark’s MIC* PEG Feeding Tube design will help eliminate problems associated with unintentional pullouts and deliver the security you and your patients expect.

Accidental PEG Dislodgement is an estimated $23 Million Problem in the U.S.1

Unintentional pullouts can lead to emergency room visits, surgical consultations and replacement tubes costing thousands of dollars, valuable time, needless patient anguish and life-threatening events.1


We Put Feeding Tube Removal in the Right Hands – YOURS.

“Many of my patients are older and frail. Unfortunately, it’s too easy for them to accidently pull their feeding tubes out. I need a solution that won’t jeopardize their health nor take me away from other patients who need me.”


Kimberly-Clark’s MIC* PEG Feeding Tube design will help eliminate these problems and deliver the security you and your patients expect. Fewer dislodgements means:

  • Less spending on tube replacements and health complications1
  • Fewer patient emergency room visits1
  • More time for proactive patient care1
  • Fewer complications due to accidental dislodgement1

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Laboratory tests show Kimberly-Clark* MIC* PEG Feeding Tubes collapse for traction removal but require more force than other tubes.2


• According to a recent study, PEG pullouts cost more than $20,000 in additional health care charges not including individual physician charges, hospital days, transportation, and additional time and administrative costs associated with these events. 1

• The vast majority of PEG pullouts require an emergency department visit, a level 3 surgical consultation, a replacement gastrostomy tube and a radiographic confirmation of tube positioning. 1

• In early tube dislodgement, the stomach may separate from the abdominal wall and the open gastrostomy may leak gastric contents into the peritoneal cavity. 1


Discover the unique advantages of the MIC* PEG feeding tube.


1 Late accidental dislodgement of a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube: an underestimated burden on patients and the health care system, by Laura H. Rosenberger, Timothy Newhook, Bruce Schirmer and Robert G. Sawyer. Received: 16 March 2011 / Accepted: 2 April 2011 / Published online: 2 May 2011.

2 Data on file. Retention Values for Competitor PEG Tubes Report.

There are inherent risks in the use of all prescription medical devices. Please see the full Directions for Use containing Indications, Cautions, Warnings and other relevant information.